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[SOLVED] Joomla blank frontpage and administrator


So I was creating a local joomla development environment for a project that I’m working on. I had a  backup zip package of my joomla based site coming from the live server. I’m using a MAMP on my local machine and did the following ; imported the backup SQL dump from the live server, unzip the package to my MAMP htdocs’ path and reconfigured the necessary parameters of joomla.  


I believe I setup everything well however I got this blank frontpage as shown below. This is also true for admin page.


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Trip to Krabi, Thailand

One of my dream place in my bucket travel list is Krabi Thailand, of course how can anyone would not love that place . The first time that I’ve known this place was from the movie the beach (which stars Leonardo De Carpio) and I was very enticed to the island’s white sand and very clear water, that’s why I did make a point to visit this place some day, and voila the day came. 

So it’s actually our first anniversary as husband and wife, so we planned to go outside Singapore for the celebration and gladly my wife likes the Krabi idea.


At Maya Bay Krabi

We did the research and created our 4 day Krabi itinerary with all the gathered details. I’m going to share this information and also our experienced (this is perhaps for the people who plans to visit Krabi).

Welcome to Tup Kaek Sunset

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Trip to Sentosa Island Singapore

It's my wifey's birthday and I don't know how to cook :) what I did is to figure out what's the best alternative to treat or perhaps to surprise her for a guy like me who don't know how to cook (unless she wanted sauteed or roasted foods) , oh yes I decided to take her out to Sentosa Island and be crazy (a sweet bonding date and memory update) at daytime.

And at night we went to Singapore Flyer for our last trip.  

tickets and voucher

So what's Sentosa Island, by the way? A bit fact on Sentosa Singapore; one of the tourist attraction here in Singapore is the Sentosa Island, its one of the pride of Singapore. In Sentosa you can find several activities that can cater for families or for young youths.

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Photowalk at Singapore Chinese Garden


One of the places that you should take a visit when you are here in Singapore is the Chinese Garden. Well actually Chinese Garden is actually a park found in Jurong East. 

If you want to unleash some stress then perhaps the Singapore Chinese Garden is of better choice to go with as you can felt the tranquility of the natural environment and the splendid architectures is really an eye catching.  

Here’s some important facts of Singapore Chinese Garden.

Singapore Chinese Garden, also commonly known as Jurong Gardens, is a park in Jurong East, Singapore. Built in 1975 and designed by Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, an architect from Taiwan, the Chinese Garden’s concept is based on Chinese gardening art. The main characteristic is the integration of splendid architectural features with the natural environment. The Chinese Garden is modeled along the northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping.  Courtesy of Wikipedia.

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Getting married in Singapore



Last November 2, 2011 was the day where a lot of catholic people prays or perhaps commemorating the death of their love ones which is said to be in the purgatory. This is the feast of the all souls days and it's a non-working holiday.

While a lot of people commemorating this feast for the death of their love ones, my wife and I is also commemorating our love for each other as we solemnized our marriage under  the civil law of Singapore government. 

My wife and I originally planned to have our civil marriage in Philippines but because of the time constraint that I’d encountered to process the marriage contract we’d decided to do the simple binding of our marriage here in Singapore as the process is quite straightforward compare to Philippines. Anyways my wife and I were only after for the proper documents and we still planned to have our planned church wedding. 

I’m going to relay every steps or information relating to civil marriage for lovers who intend to have their civil marriage here in Singapore.

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