Concise Management Services: Documents Made Easy

Whether you own a business or want to protect yourself when lending money to somebody else, the proper documentation can make things a lot easier. Of course, drawing up legal documentation that guarantees your interests is easier said than done. If you could use some help with the process, Concise Management Services can assist you for an affordable price.

Here are some of the documents that Concise Management Services can draw up for you:

  1. Account Validation

American law requires collection agencies to verify that you are in fact responsible for any money they claim you owe. However, most of them shirk this responsibility and annoy you with harassing phone calls instead. Concise Management Services can draw up documentation that forces the collection calls to stop while they investigate your situation. If you aren’t liable for the debt, it ends there. Otherwise, the company can also help you settle your debt with the most favorable terms possible.

  1. Bankruptcy

There is never a great time to declare bankruptcy, but sometimes your debts have gotten to the point where there is no way to get your head above water again. Concise Management Services can review your financial situation and determine whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the right choice for you. They can then fill out all of the required paperwork so that you can go back to living your life.

  1. Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that grants a specified individual control over the property and other assets owned by somebody else in the event that the latter becomes incapacitated, sick, or is simply unavailable to sign important papers. If it is worded poorly, somebody else could dispose of your assets in a manner contrary to your wishes. Thankfully, Concise Management Services can ensure that your wishes are reflected in the wording of the document.

  1. Promissory Note

A Promissory Note is a written promise to pay an amount of money either on demand or at a specified date. The idea is pretty simple, but the note contains a lot of potentially confusing details such as interest rates, maturity, and place of issuance. If you’re planning on loaning some money, having the experts at Concise Management Services draw up the document is in your best interest.

  1. Buy/Sell Agreement

A Buy/Sell Agreement is kind of like a prenup for business partners. It is a legal document spelling out who can sell their share of the business and at what price. Buy/Sell Agreements most frequently come into play when one partner wishes to buy another out. Concise Management Services can help you out no matter which side of the negotiation you anticipate landing on.

  1. Incorporation

Incorporation is something of a catch-all term for all of the ways you can legally structure a business. For example, forming a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) protects you from being responsible for any debts your company cannot afford to pay. There are also tax incentives depending on your financial situation, especially if you run a non-profit organization. If you need some help reviewing your options, Concise Management Services is able and willing to assist.