Larson&Holz – financial scam or broker that justifies the trust of traders?

I think many will agree that choosing a reliable brokerage company is quite difficult, because everywhere we constantly see companies disappearing that are trying to deceive their users. In fact, you can choose a company from which only the loss of money, time, and headache. Looking through the reviews, on the basis of which most customers get into unpleasant situations, you can really get stuck. The only option is either to check the company itself in the case itself, or to turn to the help of rating projects. In principle, the latter option is also not quite suitable. Many people know how to get the company in the top ten. Remains the old, proven method. Do-it-yourself experience the company. The choice fell on the brokerage company Larson&Holz. At first glance, this is a company, some tens in the financial sector. But this is only at first glance. Hardly having entered the official website of the Larson&Holz company, we, frankly, came into some confusion. The abundance of information is not that scary, but in some ways, surprised. This is understandable, it is not every day that you meet a brokerage company that has posted information about itself and its development on its website. This is undoubtedly a big plus for the company. By this example, the company as if hints that there is nothing to hide. But it attracts customers. But what is interesting is that it is not just a jumble of information, but a well-designed navigation, thanks to which you can easily find exactly what you were looking for. In the first section, the client can find general information about the company. Here is the story of the discovery of the company Larson&Holz. Her awards, and what the company offers to its customers. All in general terms. In the next section, the company offers its customers to get acquainted with the services that will be useful to the client. At the very least, the client will know what to ask for help if there are difficulties. Here are the types of accounts that a client can open. Or how to use this or that service. In principle, the company Larson&Holz has developed plenty of services. And characteristically, each of these services is periodically updated. And some of them are even supplemented. Additional functionality. One of the latest developments of the company Larson&Holz is crypto-trading, and all that concerns cryptocurrency.

 It should be noted, other brokers do not have similar services. In the next section, the client can choose the trading terminal he needs. These are the standard versions of MetaTrader 4 and 5. But, with the trading terminal, there is generally an interesting story. Namely, one of the services of the company Larson&Holz are binary options. So, the platform for trading options from other brokers is unfinished. With regard to binary options in the company Larson&Holz, you can trade directly in the standard trading terminal. How can it be? Yes, very simple. A special plug-in is built into the trading terminal, which works on the principle of an additional script. Now, with one hand, a trader can switch the platform for currency trading, or options, or stocks. Convenient and easy. As it turned out, the company is not going to stop there, and soon new developments will follow. The company does not cover details yet, but the general information is already known. The next section is Partnership. There are legends about the Larson&Holz partner program. A breakthrough in this direction is obvious. And not every broker will do what the company does. In addition to the standard affiliate program, the company offers the following type of partnership to any interested party. Opening a private company under the auspices of Larson&Holz.

The huge advantage is that the company helps the client not only to open a company, but also helps finance. And plus to this, leaves money as a bonus. But it can rather be called an investment, as the company Larson&Holz is interested in opening a partner center, and its development. But the client opens the company under a well-known brand. It is in the hands of the client. Especially at the development stage. The promoted brand of the company does its work, and the influx of new partners is assured. In addition, the company offers customers to use a unique program – franchising. This is the minimum investment and maximum return. Clients have the opportunity to open a dealing center. In principle, the company Larson&Holz helps in any case. In the next section, the client can read the latest news in the world of finance, and company news. And here is the heading of the analytical center. For traders who already have some experience in trading, the analytical center is not something symbolic. Fundamental factors cannot be excluded from their work. Well, in the end, the ForexFamily program. Going to this section, you can find a section with company contests, or types of additional trading options. As for contests, they are matched by an affiliate program. Sometimes it wonders how a company was able to design and implement so much. And after all, each option is aimed at ensuring that the client is simple and convenient. Let’s return to the company’s contests. It was not for nothing that we mentioned that contests are not inferior to the affiliate program. A lot of advantages, and not otherwise. And the matter is not even that the company conducts them. Now you won’t surprise anyone with contests. That in some way, the face of the company. But the prize is surprising. And so much so that you don’t even want to be distracted by anything else. At least it is difficult to break away from this service. The fact is that the prize fund of the competition is $ 10,000. The competition involves the best traders of the company. And how else, if such a sum is at stake. It is not even the initial capital in a no deposit trading account. We will tell about it later. Every month, the first day, the competition starts. The contest lasts a month. The procedure is standard. At the end of the month, the competition stops, and the finance department sums up. The trader who has shown the maximum profit is considered the winner and applies for a prize fund. But if the results of the competition are two traders with the same profitability, additional criteria are recalculated. Namely, the level of drawdown, the duration of positions, and the number of losing trades. On this basis, the best result reveals the winner.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the competition is not so easy to win. Based on the amount of the prize fund, it is easy to understand that the best of the best compete. Traders show their skills and experience. But this is not all. Benefit even for those traders who do not participate in the competition. This is surprising, but true. One of the new developments of the company Larson&Holz allowed to unite all the traders into one local network. Now novice traders can follow the course of the trading race from the side. And besides this, any newcomer can contact one of the contestants, and ask his advice. It would seem a trifle, but it is nice. Suppose I do not know how the currency or the stock will react to the upcoming news. I can contact more experienced traders and ask about it. This is really an innovation – a local social network for traders. And it helps, what they can. Council, and even the case. With regards to the case, is also an amazing fact, given the lack of a PAMM service. Contracts are concluded directly in the brokerage company. The guarantor is the company Larson&Holz. You can contact the trader, and offer him the management of funds. Moreover, the novice trader has already seen the statistics of the competition, and imagines investment management.

Well, as for the no deposit trading account. Also an interesting service, and as it turned out, useful. More suitable for traders who have no starting money. The company Larson&Holz three times provides customers with a trading account on which the balance is $ 100. The trader trades for three days, after which he takes the profit obtained. If to judge, this opportunity is given three times, which is equal to nine days of trading. For nine days, the trader will be able to scrape together the initial capital. At least gain experience. But it must be remembered that after the third time the function of opening a no deposit trading account is disabled.

So passed our acquaintance with the company Larson&Holz. What I would like to mention first. This is the attitude of the company’s employees to their customers. There is no ordinary rudeness. As far as loyalty is concerned, we can safely say that the company works for the benefit of its customers. Therefore, it can be safely recommended as the best brokerage company, without fear that the company may turn out to be a scam or a fraud.