Manchester’s Best Areas for Business

Thinking of Investing in Manchester?

If you are thinking of investing in Manchester then you have to carry out some research and know the best areas where you should own commercial property. In this article all the best areas where you should consider investing in Manchester will be disclosed. It will be focusing on the tenants, the growth, the demand and the investment strategy of that area. All these will help you come up with the decision of the best place of investing in this part of the UK.

The Best Places to Invest in Manchester

There are so many areas with commercial property for sale Manchester but it is never about just investing; you have to choose a strategic place for you to start up your business. Here is an idea of some of the best places for you to invest in Manchester:


This is the first area that you should consider investing in. It is very close to Manchester City Centre and you can just walk for around five minutes and get there. It is an area that has a lot of growth potential and this comes with real benefits to investing in Salford. There are so many potentials which make it a catchy option for entrepreneurs. You can get great rental yield in this area as well. In short, there is so much business potential in Salford.

Manchester City Centre and South Manchester

These are the other two places where you should invest. There are so many benefits of investing in Manchester City Centre or South Manchester. Over the years, these areas have been good in terms of capital growth and rental appreciation. You can carry out a detailed research on investing in Manchester and look at the investment strategies that will boast your potential. One of the best businesses that is doing great is the resale market.


An area that is just on the opposite side of Manchester to Salford. It is to the east of Manchester. There is so much that this area has to offer when it comes to commercial property for sale Manchester. It has affordable housing and there are many properties that make amazing rentals. This means that Tameside offers you a very good tenant profile.


This is an area that is in South Manchester and it one of the best areas to invest in. When it comes to the property growth, this area is massive. It is close to Manchester airport and there are many infrastructure developments going on there. The metrolink goes through Wythenshawe which makes it very easy to access Manchester City Centre. The house prices in this area have gone up in a significant manner and it has a lot of property growth. The resell market here is very strong and investing in Wythenshawe can never go wrong.

Investing involves a lot of things and one of them is choosing the best area where your property or business will thrive well in the long-term so that is why you should invest in the best areas in Manchester.