MobileGO ICO: Review, Charts and Perspectives

The cryptocurrency MGO tokens was initiated as the additional token for another token on the platform — GAME (GameCredits).

The main purpose of MGO token is purchase of items and gaming services on the MobileGO platform, as well as encouraging users and players to support the ecosystem. It is also used for promoting the esports community.

MGO coin is aimed at providing players with simplified access to both game industry developments and to in-game stores. The project is developed mainly by experienced and enthusiastic developers. The MobileGO ICO and pre-sale of coins were extremely successful.

Technical parameters of MGO coins:

  • Market cap is $12 668 537;
  • Price of 1 MGO is $0,129233;
  • Circulating supply is 98 028 877 MGO;
  • Total supply is 100 000 000 MGO;

Where you can buy MGO token?

Due to the successful MobileGO ICO, the token was listed on many popular exchange services, including:

  • YoBit;
  • Liqui;
  • Cryptopia;
  • HitBTC;
  • Tidex;

Users may also apply MGO tokens on different wallets: MGO Wallets, MyEther Wallet, Ledger Wallet, Trezor, Ethereum Mist DApp and Coinomi.

What is so special about MGO tokens?

The main purpose of the new development is the expansion of the possibilities of smart contracts within the framework of this system. MGO is based on the Ethereum blockchain and combines its functionality with certain properties of Waves. MGO users get the following features:

  • building of trading platforms for the game content between the participants;
  • organization of bets on the results of games both and arrangement of esports tournaments;
  • formation of their own tournaments and competitions with initial deposits and rewards;

A wide array of user cases makes the project relevant for active user interaction, based on the self-organization of those or other processes by the players themselves. A separate issue in this case are the prospects for the further development of MGO and relevance of trading.

The prospects of MGO tokens

According to any MobileGO ICO review, the stage of public crowdsale turned out to be very successful. The team managed to raise over $53 mln.

The MobileGO developers did not set the goal to collect such a large amount of sum — the main purpose of the ICO of coins was to announce and promote the corresponding ecosystem.

The activity of users and the trading volume of MobileGO ICO, according to analysts, once again prove the prospects of this ecosystem. According to statistics in the gaming industry includes over 2,5 bln players around the world, the annual revenue of this industry exceeds $ 100 bln.