Tips to Protect Your Virtual Wallet

Nowadays, the cryptocurrencies are the fashion; everybody looks for information about them and how to obtain them to be able to have extra money, besides that it is a safer and faster way to make purchases. Using these coins is generally very safe, you not only need to mine them or buy them from someone else, but you need a virtual wallet where you will deposit them, this wallet serves as a bank account where you can have your coins safe, and you have to use it when you want to make a transaction.

But this virtual wallet can be a bit vulnerable when making a transaction, so certain measures must be taken to keep it safe. That is why Quebex; one of the leading bitcoin exchangers in Canada has given you some tips so that you always have your cryptocurrencies secure.

#1: Protocol

You should always make sure to acquire a virtual wallet with an excellent protocol; the best would be the HTTPS protocol. This means that all the information that comes and goes from your purse is going to be encrypted; this makes it safe and is what every person interested in cryptocurrencies should look for in the first place.

#2: Multifirma

That your purse has multifirm is going to be practically impenetrable for others, the fact that you have this option makes multiple passwords that are private to be able to spend or transfer the cryptocurrencies to another account, the multifirm will keep your virtual currencies safe of malicious people.

#3: Versatile customer

You must make sure that the client you use allows you to change the IP address each time you make a transaction, this is to prevent them from tracking the operations you perform with your account, it is also important to hide the IP address, this has the same purpose of avoiding that the operations are tracked.

#4: Have control over your cryptocurrencies

The most important thing is that each client has control over their virtual currencies, they must have access to every one of the private keys of the purse that is being used to be able to control the currencies. As previously explained, these private keys are necessary so that cryptocurrencies can be used in operations, besides having all these keys you can also make a backup (backup).

#5: Make the backup

This is indispensable, and each person should do it, this not only serves for cryptocurrencies but also for the financial world. All the information about the transactions and the wallet account is on the internet, but it is vital to have all this information on a hardware (hard disk or USB disk) you always have to have a backup and be cautious.

#6: Transparency

Experts have always made great emphasis that the virtual wallet used is open source so you can know if there are vulnerabilities and know if the cryptocurrencies are safe with the passing of days.