What Makes A Good Travel Medical Insurance?

Planning a trip outside the country for the first time? Wondering what travel health insurance is all about and how you can get a good one? Well, one thing is for sure and that is that you do need a travel health insurance before you make an international trip and for doing so you will have to compare a good amount of health insurance plans, check what they have to offer, and then decide what will work the best for you. Insurance Unicorn helps you compare various policies and select what’s the best for you.

What should a good insurance plan cover?

1) Travel medical insurance is different from trip insurance as it covers more than the latter. While a travel medical insurance will cover every type of medical expense that incur during the trip along with some trip and travel benefits too, the trip insurance covers the monetary part of the journey just in case you aren’t able to make it for the trip, in partial or total sum.

2) Only limited people are licensed to provide international health and medical travel insurances which means that you will have to find the right insurance company to provide you with the same.

3) Go for a plan that also covers any pre-existing medical condition that you have. You will have to be open and upfront about the same with your agent and discuss the policies regarding the same. You can also get quotations about different insurance policies and then decide what suits your budget.

4) One needs to look into the policy medical maximum, the deductibles and also the co-insurance amount that one would receive if one gets into the situation where they have to make use of the same.

5) The plan must cover ambulance cost, hospital room and board costs, ICU cost if needed, outpatient cost, physical therapy cost, etc. if the need be. Go over the plan details with your agent and understand what it covers and what it doesn’t. You surely wouldn’t want to be blind-sided regarding the same.

Then there are also emergency medical evacuation services, repatriation coverage, and emergency medical union coverage among different situations that one might encounter internationally.

A good travel insurance plan is the one that covers all your basic needs and then some more. Think of it as an investment and do proper research.